1. april 14. day 221.

    today, to go along with my awesome weekend of comforting talks and inspirational messages, i got this perfect message in my email from one of my best friends who is out on his mission changing lives:
    "i judge myself a lot and look for ways to improve. from this though, there are times where i get a little discouraged because i’m never good enough. but the thing that came to mind is that its completely ok if we aren’t perfect yet… its always good to evaluate ourselves and look for ways to improve and learn from our mistakes. the thing is, is that perfection takes practice. its through time and experience that we learn and grow. we need to have love and patience in ourselves. we need to set goals and make plans everyday then complete our goals little by little. and when we’re old and wrinkled, we’ll be the person that we want to be."

    yet another great message i needed to hear. i love my friend timber and his wisdom. he always has my back, even when he does not know it.

    and that is a miracle to me.


  2. april 11. day 218.

    it was as miracle that today at work i met a girl from estonia for the first time! it was the coolest ever and she had a cool accent. i am so proud of my heritage.
    also, it is a miracle to me that i was (once again) taught the ever important message that my Heavenly Father is totally and completely aware of me. He knows what i am going through and the thoughts and feelings and trials i am struggling with. and he always knows the perfect people to put in my path at every moment so i can keep learning this lesson and over and over. one of these fantastic people has once again come into my life and i was blessed tonight to sit down with an amazing guy who so patiently talked with me for several hours and discussed with me the love that our God has for all of us… and even me. he somehow even knew to remind me of one of my all time favorite stories: the story of punchinello. please read this story! it has totally changed my life and my perspective on my divine worth and how i can choose to let what other people think of me define me. in the end it does not matter what anyone else in the world thinks of me. all that matters is the opinion of my Father in Heaven and, miraculously, He will always be there and He will always love me no matter how much i mess up. 
    this will probably be a challenge and a mental struggle i will be working to overcome for several years to come, but i know that if i keep remembering how much God loves me that i will be able to conquer the bad thoughts that creep into my mind from people that are seeking to bring me down. i struggle with pulling myself down and being really hard on myself when people are not happy with what i choose to do with my life. i have always felt that i need to be perfect at everything and that is a stressful burden to carry. i will never be able to please everyone perfectly, i will never do everything everyone wants me to do, i will not live up to everyone else’s expectations. however, if i keep trying and pushing onward and upward, my Father will be proud of me as long as i am striving to keep getting better and working to return to live with Him again someday. i am His daughter and i have a lot to offer this world, even if i am not perfect at everything.
    i am grateful that i have the knowledge that there IS someone out there who does and always will love me perfectly and infinitely, and that that knowledge is a fact that will never go away. i know that if i diligently pray for comfort, help, guidance, and strength i can continue to grow and flourish throughout my life as long as i keep Him with me.

    and that is a miracle to me.


  3. april 9. day 216.

    so one of my coworkers is a forty-year-old man with down’s syndrome [i will call him bob here for the sake of privacy]. bob is the funnest, most purely kind-hearted people i have ever met and i have been lucky to get close to him. today, i witnessed this heart-warming experience:
    one of my other coworkers had the hiccups pretty bad. i was sitting at the counter and all the sudden i see bob come around the corner from the drinking fountain shuffling through a huge crowd of people. he had a paper cup filled up to the brim with ice cold water and he was taking the slowest, most careful baby steps toward the mailroom window. he did not lose a single drop of water! it took me a moment to register to realize what he was doing. he walked up to me and whispered, “would you please take this [across the room] to [our other coworker]?” i carefully took the cup from him and my heart swelled with emotion. 
    this was such an incredibly simple act, but it was a huge act of service and love. my coworker was so grateful for bob’s thoughtfulness, and her hiccups even went away after she drank all the water. it was a tiny thing but it opened my eyes to how important it is to be watching out for all those around us. all people in this care need to be looked after and if we all treated each other with that same, innocent kindness, this world would be an incredible place to live.
    i am grateful that i was able to witness this experience and that i could be inspired to be a better person through bob’s selfless acts of thoughtfulness and kindness.
    and that was a sweet miracle to me. 

  4. april 6. day 213.

    conference weekend. a miracle in itself.
    i absolutely love conference weekend and all the guidance, inspiration, and direction that we can receive from modern day prophets and apostles. 

    this video is from last year’s general conference, but the message in this video is the general message that i personally received from this conference: the message that our Savior loves all of us no matter our shortcomings our how many chances we need. the man in the video is not the only human that has ever faced this type of spiritual and emotional challenge. although we all may not have had trials regarding robberies and drug addictions, we are all still tempted and possibly even addicted to other things. however, no matter how minor or severe our transgressions are, we can all still change! none of us are perfect; we are all quite far from perfect, in fact. we are all humans struggling through life together. it is not easy, not one bit. but with Jesus Christ on our side (which He always will be, no matter who you are), we can change and accomplish great feats. 
    i know that because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can not only be forgiven of all of our sins, but also our burdens, heartaches, and personal trials.

    HE LOVES US. you, me, and everyone in between.

    and that is a miracle to me.


  5. march 28. day 204.

    today was just a great day! when i went to the temple, getting through was conveniently quick (not that i don’t like being in the temple longer, but when you have a busy day, it’s always nice to have a shorter temple trip). because i got out of the temple early, i was early to work which meant i got the best parking spot in the lot (and after my shift i left right when my best friend/coworker was getting there so i was able to give it to her when the only other spots that were open were far away). while i was at work i realized i had not eaten anything all day when my coworker informed me that there was frozen pizza in the fridge and so we split those delicious slices of heaven. i also went on a really fun date with some pretty fantastic people and tried divine blueberry pancake hushpuppies at denny’s for the first time. i am just grateful that in the midst of stress and school and the craziness of life that little miracles never cease to come along and make life a little bit better.
    we are so blessed, and that is a miracle to me.


  6. march 27. day 203.

    it is a miracle to me that i have the great blessing of having a healthy, hard-working body that can do amazing things. i had the opportunity to take an anatomy class a few years ago and that definitely changed my perspective on life. i could talk about the human body forever because every finite aspect of us humans is incredible and perfect. anyway, i am grateful for my body that can run fast and can push farther than i expect it will. my body has weathered it all throughout my life: illnesses, sicknesses, falls, surgeries, injuries, cuts, bruises, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, hunger, thirst, stress, laziness, and every day wear and tear. even though i do not always treat my body 100%, i am grateful that it can take care of itself and keeps going no matter what.
    this is a miracle to me.


  7. march 25. day 201.

    today i was having a kind of rough day and there is a freshman girl in my volleyball class that just rubs me the wrong way and acts like a bossy know-it-all. there are not too many people that can do that, and i actually felt like giving her a piece of my mind and telling her to shut her mouth for five seconds. however, by a great miracle i was able to not say anything and class ended before i lost it.
    also, i found out today that a family member passed away a few days ago, and that was rough. i am really grateful for the knowledge i have that she is now back in heaven with her Father and that families can be together forever.

    sweet miracles.

  8. "like a broken vessel" . jeffery r holland . general conference . october 2013

    march 23. day 199.

    this talk/video has been one of my favorite conference talks this year. i was reminded of it today at church, and it was the perfect message i needed to be reminded of. i highly encourage everyone to watch this. this message is relatable to every single person on the planet. even though all of us may not battle MDD, we all experience depression, sadness, and dark days. life is hard, but miracles are REAL.
    "hope is never lost." no matter our struggles and challenges, God loves YOU. 

    miracles are real. 
    watch this video, it will change your life.


  9. march 21. day 197.

    so just over a week ago i got an email from a girl that was trying to find someone to take over her position as as speech language technician (SLT) at a local center/school for adults with learning disabilities. i promptly responded, thinking it could not hurt to at least apply. throughout the week we corresponded, i sent her my resume, and she emailed me back a few days ago saying i seemed like a perfect fit for the job and to come in this morning for an interview. 
    long story short, the interview was super chill and went really well: they basically hired me on the spot and walking around the facility just felt so comfortable to me, like i finally found where i need to be for the next year and half (at least). 

    not only is it a complete and utter miracle to me that i was able to so easily land a job related to my major with good pay despite my lack of masters degree, but also that everything came together so quickly and this huge blessing pretty much just landed in my lap. it really is the perfect setup for me and will give me excellent experience in the field of speech pathology. i really cannot even take any credit for this blessing; unless you count my outfit decision… which was probably a huge swaying factor. just kidding. 
    but really, i am so incredibly humbled, honored, and blessed to have the exciting opportunity ahead of me to have my life touched by a group of amazing souls that i cannot wait to meet and learn from.

    God is always there for each of us and He is concerned about EVERY detail of our lives, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant. He wants us to succeed and be happy. and sometimes, even when we do not deserve it, He will bless us with great, great things.

    and that is a miracle to me.

  10. "flecks of gold" . m russell ballard

    march 16. day 192.

    i am so grateful for the opportunity i had this weekend to be in the presence of such a great man as M. Russell Ballard and to learn from his wisdom and experience. 
    i learned that all of us have more reasons than not to be happy. it is so easy to get bogged down in all the bad things going on in the world that we forget to appreciate all the small and simple things that make this world such a fabulous place to live. the things in life that will bring us the greatest joys are not the huge accomplishments (although those will be great too) but the lessons we learn, the friendships we make, and the simple memories we create every day. we are all on a tremendous journey called life: are we cherishing every moment? never forget that there are people who love YOU and never want YOU to give up no matter what. there are great and marvelous things in store for each and every one of YOU in your life! 

    this video isn’t exactly what he talked to us about, but the underlying message remains true.

    being in his precense and learning form him this weekend was a miracle to me.


  11. january 21. day 138.

    i love meeting cool people. i have been so blessed with all the people that have come into my life. not just friends (which fills quite a large space), but roommates (seriously, never had a bad one), teachers, acquaintances, leaders, and even just random people.

    people in general are just awesome and i am so grateful i have been so lucky in getting to know some of the especially good ones.

    that is a miracle to me.

  12. january 19. day 136.

    today is going to be dedicated to the miracle of your life. yes, you. kid president (one of my favorite people) uploaded a new inspirational message for us all this week, and in case you have not seen it yet, i am sharing it with you.

    please watch it! it will definitely brighten your day, and hopefully give you a fresh perspective.

    "some days gross things will happen, some days awesome things will happen. some days you’ll get ice cream, and some days you won’t. some days your kite will fly high, and some days it gets stuck in the tree. that’s just how it is here. there’s plenty of reasons to dance, you just gotta look for them… being a person is hard sometimes. you should give people high fives just for getting out of bed. just treat everyone like it’s their birthday, even if they don’t deserve it, because we all mess up sometimes… take a breath. isn’t that amazing? it’s called breathing… amazing things are going to happen every day. you’re going to do so much! it’s not about what you do, it’s about who you are. and you, you’re awesome." -kid president

    life is awesome. and that is a miracle to me.


  13. january 17. day 134.

    wow, i am definitely much worse at keeping up with this 365 project than the first one, and for that i apologize! it has been quite the whirlwind of a week though (as is every week…)

    i failed to recognize or remember a specific miracle that happened today. i was rather busy, and sometimes when that happens i do not take enough time to slow down and recognize them. i guess that is the purpose of this project.

    however, good things of today:
    i ate lunch again with one of my very good friends; its always fun and really nice to catch up with one of my many wonderful “big brother” figures i have in my life.
    i got some homework done on a friday and turned some assignments in before the day they were due! that was pretty miraculous.
    today was two weeks in a row of going to the temple: whoo!

    life is good. i am hanging in there and trudging through the hectic-ness, but all in all, i am very blessed and happy.


  14. december 30. day 117.

    today i left sunny-ville and traveled back to snow-ville.

    on the plane i chatted the entire trip with an old guy from new orleans. not only was his accent awesome, but his stories were incredible. he told me all about how he lived through several hurricanes as well as hurricane katrina, all about his children (as well as his previous two wives and current girlfriend…), what coffee shops and restaurants were the best in new orleans (and which you can go to at 3am), and just life. he was also very proud of me for having visited “his city” already and understanding the heavenly qualities of fresh beignets. he was quite the interesting character but had a lot of advice about life to share with me and it was just what i needed to hear.

    intertwined with his stories he instructed me to:
    enjoy college before it is over and life in the real world begins.
    visit new orleans during mardi gras as soon as i could (hehe).
    always look presentable and nice in order to be taken seriously and respected.
    be wise, but splurge on higher quality things (ie: clothing, appliances, etc.) that you want to last a long time rather than settling for something cheap that will cost more money to repair and replace over and over.
    remember that family is one of the most important things you can have.
    let those you love know that you appreciate them. they cannot read your mind and you never know when you will be with them for the last time.

    pretty neat how certain people will cross your path just when you least expect it but when you need them the most.
    that is a miracle to me.


  15. december 29. day 116.

    happy birthday to me.

    it is a miracle to me that i have lived to be 21. that alone is a great miracle. unfortunately, i have known many people that did not get to live as many years on this earth as i already have.
    sometimes i feel like i have not done that much with my life, and in a certain perspective that is still true. however, i have graduated high school and am soon about to graduate college. i have not traveled the world but i have met a ton of people and they have changed my life. i have not experienced a ton of life-changing adventures but i have laughed a lot, smiled a lot, and made many memories.

    i would not trade the last 21 years for anything because all along i have been growing into who i am today and i will continue to keep developing into a better person. i have so much left to do and experience in this life. 

    here is to another 21 years of memories, adventures, friendships, travels, experiences, journeys, trials, joys, blessings, and miracles.